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Working with purpose and compassion

Bhiku Patel, Co-Chairman

"Over 40 years Vijay and I have invested in charitable projects across the UK, Asia and Africa; focussing on health, shelter and education. We are delighted that our children and their families are taking on this mantle. We look to them to continue our tradition of entrepreneurship, to invest in the local and national economy, to support charitable causes across the world. We endeavour to see seek out those in greatest need, and adapt to world-wide crises. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we have sent out financial aid to India."

Our Foundation

Born into poverty in Kenya, Bhikhu and Vijay combined hard work with innovation and determination to build a substantial portfolio of pharma, property and private equity businesses. They attribute their drive and passion to their mother – a young widow who in difficult circumstances instilled in her children a sense of purpose and compassion – and after whom The Shanta Foundation is named.

The aim of the Foundation is to help others who are in a similar position now, as the Family was then; providing health, shelter and education through both self-funded and jointly-funded projects with partners such as the Lions Club, Devdaya and Anoopam Mission.

Shanta Patel, the inspiration behind the Foundation has sadly passed away on Friday 13th September 2019 after a short illness at the age of 98. She is the mother of 3, the grandmother of 6 and the great grandmother of 11. Shanta motivated and encouraged her family on a daily basis, for her entire life.

Loved by everyone who met her, she will always be remembered and her memory cherished. Despite her difficult earlier years and many hardships, her philanthropic work started very early on in her long life. It will continue to inspire her family and many others. May she rest in peace.

Latest projects

Our Approach

The aim of The Shanta Foundation is to continue charitable work by the Family, which has been on going for over thirty years, while searching for new projects to actively engage in. The Shanta Foundation supports projects in both the UK and around the world – especially in Africa and India.

Individual projects are carefully chosen to match the Foundation’s aim of providing health, shelter and education and the Family plays an active role in each project, from raising funds to on-site visits throughout its duration. This participation is a key point for the Family, which wants to demonstrate its complete support while also ensuring that the funds raised reach the beneficiaries directly and at minimal cost.

Latest Projects

Our Team

The Shanta Foundation is a very personal commitment on the part of Vijay and Bhikhu Patel and they are actively involved in projects, travelling each year to either Africa or India to visit existing projects and establish new ones. This commitment extends to the whole family, who all actively support the Foundation’s charitable work, and each of their children has been involved in Foundation projects; attending medical camps, fundraising events, the building of a new schools and water walls. It is the wish of the brothers that their children are involved in the running of the Foundation, and that their grandchildren also become actively engaged in charitable work.

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