Anoopam Mission: Aum Crematorium, Denham

There is a fundamental need for bespoke crematoria facilities to meet the cultural and social requirements of the Hindu and wider Indian Community.  The spiritual leader of the Anoopam Mission, Param Pujaja Sahebji was made aware of this need and offered full support for the project and land at their 15 acre site in Denham to build the Crematorium.

The Mission devoted immense time, effort, work and money into something the Community was waiting for, for a long time.  Considerable difficulties were experienced in the planning process but planning permission was finally granted on appeal in December 2021.

This historical decision will lead to the first ever Hindu crematorium not only in the UK but the whole of Europe.

The Shanta Foundation was the first to pledge £1.25m towards the AUM Crematorium project.  Anoopam Mission has lodged a fund raising appeal and while funds have been pledged by the community at large, there is still some way to go to meet the target.

Anoopam Mission is an international spiritual, cultural and community based Charitable Organisation established in India in 1967 and the UK in 1978. 

The Crematorium will be available for use by the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and other faiths without discrimination, as long as the requirements of Anoopam Mission are complied with.

The crematorium and building and associated facilities have both been designed and specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Community.  The proposed building is set in a beautiful, landscaped area and comprises of waiting rooms, private ritual rooms for immediate family, large ceremony halls, cremators, a separate canteen building with dining, seating and showering facilities.