India COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

The Waymade Critical Care Centre was identified by the Government as a ‘Designated COVID-19 District Hospital’ for treatment of COVID-19 cases, as it is the only facility between the cities of Ahmedabad and Vadodara which can treat critically unwell patients. Unfortunately, the huge numbers of patients have exceeded the capacity offered by the Critical Care Centre. This state-of-the-art has made more beds available by adding critical care facilities in a phased process since April 2020. Patient monitors, Ventilators, Hi-flow Oxygen therapy units to match the additional capacity, have been purchased and installed. Some of the money required for this challenging operation has been donated by our Foundation. The hospital has additionally used our funds along with those from other philanthropic organisations to purchase masks, sanitizers & PPE Kits.

In the last year, the hospital has looked after over 5000 new COVID patients, and successfully managed the first surge. However, the second surge which is prolonged and more serious in nature has placed larger challenges on health-care infrastructure of the Hospital as the number of patients has risen. There is a huge shortfall in bed and ventilation capacity in the major cities of the state. 

The hospital has admitted every critically unwell COVID patient without refusing a single patient. The hospital is in desperate need for donor help:

  • Provision for an additional 100 ICU and 100 HDU beds: Conversion of a few existing wards of the Hospital for the treatment of COVID patients. This involves the facilitation of all the intensive care equipment required for this additional capacity (motorised beds, specialised monitors, intubation equipment, scanning equipment, dialysis machines and electrical work required to install the above).
  • Strengthen the existing Centralised Oxygen supply system and provision for new Oxygen generators on-site.
  • Creating a facility for recovering and stable patients needing quarantine.
  • Provision of the safety of caregivers and patients: provision of3-ply masks, hand rub, N95 masks, PPE kits etc.
1 motorised ICU bed £400100£40,000
1 ICU Monitor£950100£95,000
1 ICU ventilator£600010£60,000
1 intubation videolaryngoscope£10003£3,000
Portable X-ray Machine £26003£7,800
Dialysis Machine£71005£35,500
Renal replacement therapy£15,0001£15,000
Air Conditioning, Electrical works for ICU beds, Oxygen line for HDU’s£25,000
Centralised oxygen supply system £27,000
Additional quarantine facilities £19,000
PPE & safety of carers and patients £80,000
PSA oxygen generator£250,000


The Shanta Foundation will double your donations up to £1million, and these funds will go to the Waymade Critical Care Unit at the Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad, Gujarat. Any funds raised in excess, will be used towards the care of patients with COVID in the state of Gujerat.