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Donations made in 2019-2020

Donations to Sense International

Sense International is a global charity supporting people with deaf blindness in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Romania and Uganda. With this wonderful charity’s aid, children with this condition can receive medical and educational support.

Donations to Batten’s Disease Family Association

This life limiting neurodegenerative disease is caused by several different genetic mutations. It affects between 100 – 150 individuals in the UK. The symptoms include an increasing visual impairment resulting in blindness, complex epilepsy with severe seizures, difficulties sleeping, decline in speech, language and swallowing skills and a deterioration of motor skills causing the loss of mobility. The Shanta Foundation have donated money to this well run organisation which supports an excellent cause.

Donations to Shree Krishna Hospital

£50,000 has been donated in 2020 in order to provide aid for the COVID-19 pandemic. This incredible facility increased its critical care bed capacity to provide aid for patients who require non-invasive and invasive ventilation. The funds have also been used to purchase masks, sanitizers & PPE Kits.

Donation to Little Haven’s Hospice

Little Havens provides palliative nursing and supportive care to babies, children and teenagers living with complex or incurable conditions across Essex. They offer overnight respite breaks, emergency stays and care at the end of a child’s life. The Shanta Foundation has donated £60,000 in order to renovate this wonderful facility; which include a multi-sensory room, a hydrotherapy and spa pool, extensive landscaped gardens with sensory areas and adaptable play equipment, hoists throughout the hospice, ball pool and messy play areas and a bereavement bedroom.

Donations to YUWA Unstoppable

YUWA Unstoppable is an incredible organisation based in India whose aim is to reduce social inequality and improve society through the provision of food, water, medical aid and sanitation facilities to underprivileged children. The Shanta Foundation has donated a total of £50,000 in order to support this organisation, who we feel do truly amazing work.

Donations to Devdaya Trust

This Trust was set up in 1985 and has been involved in the building and repair of many schools in Gujerat. One such school, The Shantaba Girls School, was built with funds from our organisation.

Since 2008 its primary focus has been in treating childhood blindness in Gujerat, India. In 2009, a specialist children’s Eye Hospital was built in Wankaner, Gujerat, where children who need specialist eye surgery are referred; the hospital has been recognised by the government. In 2011 the Waymade School of Ophthalmic Studies was built and developed through the Shanta Foundation.

Annually, the Devdaya Trust provides free medical and surgical eye care for children in Gujerat with the support of charitable organizations. Our most recent donation has been made in order to support this charity in its continuing work with eye camps; this was planned to be run in January 2021. Due to COVID, this will be delayed, but will definitely run later in the year.

Donation to Bhansali Trust

This wonderful organisation has been financially supported by the Shanta Foundation in its work to provide education for children, medical aid, help with employment for families and much more, in the poorest of villages in Gujerat, India. It is hoped that we can provide further aid to them in the future.