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Bhansali Trust

Bihar, India

The Shanta Foundation has donated financial aid to this amazing organisation which has adopted 400 villages in the most difficult and challenging areas, where very few NGOs are willing to work. Their incredible work encompasses coaching classes for children in each village, provision of 370 paramedics to treat patients for common ailments (22,000 patients each month), the facilitation of low interest rate loans to poor families for starting small industries, or for medical health care and the provision of schooling for the children of the poorest children. The organisation also sends two mobile dispensaries with British-trained doctors, which treats 200 patients per day; the patients are care for without any fee. Those who require hospitalisation are referred to a nearby Government hospitals. The Bansali Trust have recruited 60 full-time and 400 part-time staff for the above projects. They are planning to expand this truly worthwhile work to another 100 villages.

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