Bristol University

Bristol, UK

This fund will allow financial support to needy students, both international and from the UK through scholarships and bursaries.

The TQEC development will transform a seven-acre site in Bristol into an open campus that will be part of the community, help to regenerate the area and benefit the whole city. It will revolutionise teaching and learning at Bristol. Business education will be co-located with world-class science and engineering research and development. Facilities will also be opened up for public use, including a training and skills centre and resources which can be used by community groups. The new campus aims to be an attractive destination for all citizens and will include informal seating areas by the waterfront and a public art programme.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Hugh Brady, said “It will turn a neglected area into a new destination; an open, green, inclusive centre for transformative innovation. It will be relevant to international, national and local communities. It will inspire and connect local people, social enterprises, businesses, academics and students. It will create jobs and celebrate Bristol culture.

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