The Shanta Foundation Scholarships, 2022


In collaboration with the British Heart Foundation and Bristol University.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has grown over the last 60 years to become a huge force in the UK’s cardiovascular research. The Shanta Foundation is proud to support a 4-year PhD programme which provides scholarships for talented young researchers. The PhD programme provides students with a unique opportunity to work in leading areas of cardiovascular research with eminent world-leading researchers, dedicated to making a difference.

These high-quality research training schemes provide early career scientists with the opportunity to work towards prominent research programmes. This 4-year programme initially provides training in essential practical experience required for the projects.

The programme is hosted by 12 UK Universities, including Bristol University where The Shanta Foundation will be using it funding. We will be following our 3 students through their training and are excited to observe their development and unique discoveries is this key area of medicine.

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