The Shanta Foundation Scholarships, 2022

In collaboration with the British Heart Foundation and Bristol University, The Shanta Foundation is proud to support a 4-year PhD programme which provides studentships for talented young researchers.

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Waymade Critical Care Unit, Shree Krishna Hospital

The Foundation has raised over £1million for a 112 bed Critical Care Unit at The Shree Krishna Hospital, a public hospital in Gujarat.

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Anoopam Mission

The Foundation is currently working with the Anoopam Mission at the Mitre School for Children with Special Needs in Vidhyanagar, Gujarat.

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Bhansali Trust

The Shanta Foundation has made donations to the Bhansali Trust over the last few years,…

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Bristol University Fund

The Foundation has donated funds to the University of Bristol which will be used to develop Bristol’s transformational new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus (TQEC) and applied to set up a student support fund.

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De Montfort University Fund

The Foundation has donated funds to de Montfort University which have been applied to fund bursaries for students in financial need, purchase equipment for the pharmacology labs and towards funding the Vijay Patel Building.

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Donation to Devadaya Trust

We have supported this amazing organisation over several decades. The extraordinary work that the Devdaya…

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Home Leone, Sierra Leone

The Foundation raised £160,000 at a charity event for a truly amazing project called Home Leone.

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Kingsdown School

The Foundation made a donation to purchase software and equipment for the Sensory Dark Room at the Kingsdown School in Southend on Sea.

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Havens Hospices

The Foundation has donated funds and been an avid supporter of Havens Hospices for many years.

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Eye Hospital

Established and equipped an Eye Hospital in Gujarat with treatment rooms and overnight care facilities.

Waymade College of Education

Built, and continue to maintain, the Waymade College of Education in Gujurat; the College provides students with graduate and post graduate degrees in English.

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Water wells

Through local and international participation, the Patel family has funded and built 39 water wells in India over the past 20 years, providing a valuable asset to local communities.

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Medical camps

In collaboration with partner charities, the Patel family has funded a number of free care medical camps in India and Kenya, providing access to general medical and surgical care for patients with cataracts, polio and cardiac, ophthalmic and ENT conditions.

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School in Eldoret

In association with the Lions Club, the Patel family funded the building and equipping of a primary school in Vijay and Bhikhu’s childhood home of Eldoret, Kenya.

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Our associations with other charitable organisations

Bhiku Patel, Co-chairman

Over 40 years Vijay and I have sought to build businesses in healthcare that serve the local community and employ people locally. We are delighted that our children and their families are taking on this mantle. We look to them to continue our tradition of entrepreneurship, to invest in the local and national economy, to support charitable causes across the world.