Visit to NR Doshi Eye Hospital Jan 2024

During our visit to NR Doshi Eye Hospital in January 2024, we saw many cataract operations being performed.  More serious eye surgeries were treated by specialist eye surgeons who had travelled from abroad to give their service without any charge.  In the current fiscal year, 29,500 outpatients were seen at the hospital and there were 2,900 eye surgeries carried out of which 135 were squint surgeries and the rest were all cataract surgeries.

At the visit to the Diagnostic Centre (Bandu Samaj) in Wankaner there were patients receiving ENT treatment, general medical consultation, dental treatment and physiotherapy.  The diagnostic centre is situated in a congested area of Wankaner and the facilities are in need of upgrading.  The Trustees of Shanta Foundation have visited possible sites on the outskirts of the town where it could be relocated to.